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Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2011

Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2011







 Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2011

        "Western-Eastern Poets in Sympathy"


       Organized by Japan Universal Poets Association

Supported by Kyoto Prefectural International Center, Gendai Kyoto Shiwakai

August 1 (Mon.), 2011  At Doshisha Niijimakaikan





sous les amas d’îles et de silence

donne-moi la main pour cheminer avec toi

jusqu’au désir qui ponctue la nuit



Hughes Labrusse (France)

                       Quated from “Tremblement”





Part 1                

Poetry reading by Guest Poets

Takashi Arima (Japan) E:Caron Stijn

Tomas Venclova (Lituania) J: Chiyo Kitahara

Zang Di (China) J:Makoto Ozaki

Ming Di (China) J:Mariko Sumikura


Awarding Ceremony

Takashi Arima      JUNPA Award Gran Prix

Kunikazu Minami  JUNPA Award Excellent Poet

Hiroshi Taniuchi    JUNPA Awarad New Poet


Memorial Reading 

Kunikazu Minami (Japan)  E:Mariko Sumikura

Hiroshi Taniuchi (Japan)


Music by Taro Kishimoto, Yoko Kumazawa


Part 2               


Poetry Reading

Tatsuo Murata (Japan)

Noriko Mizusaki (Japan)

Mayumi Sako (Japan)

Chiyo Kitahara (Japan)

Mariko Sumikura (Japan)

Caron Stijn (Belgium) J:Hiroshi Taniuchi


Tea Break


Yuji Sako (Japan)

Makoto Ozaki (Japan)  E:Mariko Sumikura

Kiyoe Nako (Japan)

Akira Asuka (Japan) E:Mariko Sumikura

Akiko Sudo (Japan)

Sonoko Yasumori (Japan)

Haruo Fujita (Japan

Harue Aoki (Japan)


Closing remarks by President Noriko Mizusaki



Tomas Venclova

Lithuania’s Tomas Venclova is one of Europe’s greatest living poets. His work speaks with a moral depth exceptional in contemporary poetry. Venclova’s poetry addressed the desolate landscape of the aftermath of totalitarianism, as well as the ethical contants that allow for hope and perseverance. The Junction brings together entirely new translations of his most recent work as well as a selection of poems from his 1997 volume Winter Dialogue. “Every major poet has an idiosyncratic inner landscape against which his voice sounds in his mind…his landscape is that of the Baltic in winter…" Joseph Brodsky (quoted from "The Junction")


Arima Takashi

Poet, Writer, Critic. Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1931. Graduated from Doshisha University. Now lives in  Kyoto City. He has published "The Complete Poems of Arima Takashi” (18 vol.) etc. His works have been translated into more than 30 languages, including English, French. He is affiliated with The Japan Writers' Association and The Japan P.E.N. Club. The board of directors, Kansai Poets' Association. He has attended poetry festivals in Europe, Asia, and Central and South America, including the 27th International Poetry Festival in Rotterdam, and participated in performances, symphosia at the festivals. In 1993, he received the International Eminent Poet Diploma from the International Poet Agency. In 2001, he won the Atlantida Prize in Spain.


Zang Di

   Zang Di is one of the most prominent and dynamic poets in China today, author of seven poetry collections and editor of several important anthologies and poetry series. Previously he edited Selected Poems of Rilke (in Chinese translation), co-edited Chinese Poetry Review and New Poetry Review. He is also co-founder and chief-editor of Poetry East West. He has won some major poetry awards in China and is considered to be one of the best ten poets and best ten critics in China. He obtained his PhD in Chinese Literature from Peking University in 1997 and has been teaching there since then. At the present, he is teaching at Kanazawa University as a visiting professor.


Ming Di

(aka Mindy) is an emerging Chinese poet who has lived in America for twenty years but gained recognition in China in recent years. She was educated in Boston and taught Chinese at Boston University before moving to California. She has six poetry collections and three books of translations credited to her name. She has been invited to several international poetry festivals including Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia. Currently she lives in two counties editing a new Chinese-English bilingual magazine, Poetry East West.


開催報告 すみくらまりこ


 「響き合う東西詩人」ポエトリーリーディング in Kyoto 2011




主催団体は日本国際詩人協会で、財団法人京都府国際センターより助成を受けることになりました。また現代京都詩話会のバックアップのおかげをもちまして円滑に実施することができました。また朗読詩人は「Japan Archipelago 2011」(日英バイリンガル)の執筆者にご案内を出しましたところ、多くの参加希望をいただきました。ここにみなさまに感謝申し上げます。







参加者氏名(敬称略、順不同):トーマス・ヴェンクローバ(リトアニア)、臧棣(中国)、明迪(中国)(以下日本)有馬敲、水崎野里子、すみくらまりこ、南邦和、村田辰夫、北原千代、外村文象、佐古裕二、左子真由美、尾崎まこと、飛鳥彰、遠藤カズエ、名古きよえ、安森ソノ子、須藤あき子、青木春枝、藤田晴央、永井ますみ、カロン・スティン、タニウチヒロシ、長岡紀子、田村照視、井上哲士、司由衣、武西良和、タマラ・リトゥイネンコ、黄ケイレイ、趙センケイ、佐藤芳則、桑原真夫、スガンディ・アイシュワリャ、岩井洋、田中保子、遠藤カズエ、方葦子、越川泰臣、浜田千秋、中村茂彰、会津太郎、アリシア・ロペス藤木季美、佐賀千鶴 ほか 








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