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Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2010

Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2010





 Report on Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2010

  "Western-Eastern Poets in Sympathy"


                            Date: December 9, 2010


                            Venue: Kyoto International Community House


             Organized by "Poetry Reading in Kyoto" Acting Committee

             (Germain Droogenbroodt, Noriko Mizusaki, Mariko Sumikura)


                            Supported by Kansai Poets Association

                                                 Kyoto Poets Association

                                                  Chikurinkan Publishing Co.

                                                  Korosha-Sojinsha Publishing Co.

                                                  Chikuko-kai (Tea ceremony)

                                                  Tada Yuki (Artist)


             Musician: Taro Kishimoto, Yoko Kumazawa, Izumi Chiba


                            Program Coordinator: Mariko Sumikura


(Report by Germain Droogenbroodt)

It is found in the site of "Poetry International (POINT)" in Spain.


(Report by Noriko Mizusaki)


We set up a "Poetry Reading in Kyoto", which was held on the 9th of December, with the support of the Kansai Poets Association, the Kyoto Poets Association, etc. Main guest poets were Dr. Germain Droogenbroodt and Dr. Milan Richter. Around 30 Japanese poets mostly from Kyoto joined in.  


Because we wanted the poetry reading to convey the traditional Zen culture of Kyoto the event took place at a Japanese styled house, connected to the Kyoto International Community House (in Kyoto, Sakyo- ku). The annex had tatami-matted rooms, surrounded by Japanese gardens.   


As a welcome attendants could enjoy a tea ceremony. During the poetry readings the attendants sat on cushions on the tatami-mats. Germain, Richter and Arima Takashi sat on chairs. The readings were held in English and Japanese. Yuki Tada made ink paintings on linen wall hangings and a musical performance was given by Taro Kishimoto, Yoko Kumazawa and Izumi Chiba.  


Among the poems Germain Droogenbroodt recited were: "Dawn", "Zen", "Everything that lives is transitory", "Heartscript", "Awakening", "Peaceful Morning in the Himalayas" (accompanied on Japanese flute by Taro). Milan Richter read: "Light?", "Spoiled Poem", "The Things Around Me", "The Death Spread its Snowy Veil". I, Noriko Mizusaki, a poet from Tokyo, introduced all the poets and read a tanka poem, named "A Floating Boat". Mariko Sumikura, a poet from Kyoto arranged many things such as the foreign guests’ transportation and hotel accommodation and took them on a tour in Kyoto. She also read some short poems including one she had recited in Struga. Japanese poets, most of them from Kyoto read poems in Japanese and English.  I also want to make a special mention of the lunch we had prior to the readings. After Stijn Caron, a Flemish poet living in Kyoto, and I lead Droogenbroodt and Richter around Nanzenji Temple, one of the Five Mountain Temples, Takashi Arima waited for us in front of a Japanese restaurant, nearby. From our room in the restaurant we had a nice view on the Japanese garden with pond and Takashi Arima held a welcome speech for Germain and Milan celebrating with sake liquor and a nice lunch. Only then I realized they had been friends for many years.  For a long time Germain and I had had plans for an event like this. Finally, with Mariko’s help we could realize it in Kyoto on December 8-10th.  



開催報告 すみくらまりこ


 「響き合う東西詩人」ポエトリーリーディング in Kyoto 






本イベントは海外詩祭の雰囲気を思わせる和やかな会で、参加者は日本語と英語で詩を朗読しました。またよりいっそう楽しむためあらかじめ朗読詩集を作り配布しました。参加詩人は海外より2名、岩手、千葉、愛媛からの遠来の参加者を含め28名ありました。ケーナ音楽のきしもとタロー氏、熊澤洋子氏、千葉 泉氏のご出演もいただきました。京都ならではの和風建物一棟を一日借り上げ、お茶室では着物姿のお手前を披露していただいたり、京都が誇る友禅作家も目の前で筆をふるっていただき、また若手で国際的に活躍されているケーナ音楽家も親身になって盛り上げていただき、この会には東西詩人の「ことば」のみならず、「絵画」「音楽」「文化」までも響き合っておりました。






























































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