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 (Japan Universal Poets Association) 



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Establishment of the Japan Universal Poets Association (JUNPA)


1. Background of the Establishment


On December 9, 2010 we organised a poetry reading event called “Eastern and Western Poets in Sympathy" at the Kyoto City International Foundation, attended by two guest poets from overseas and 22 Japanese poets. Three other overseas guest poets were not able to visit Japan this time,  but also contributed their poems to the booklet "Collection of Recited Poems".


The event was a success and the booklet and a DVD containing the recording of the recitation were also favourably received.

Everybody could fully enjoy the event, because each poem was read both in English and in Japanese, and the overseas poets explained the different cultural background of their poems.


An international poetry-event like this is a rare thing in Japan and many participants left comments saying that it was a very impressive and stimulating day. With many voices from all over Japan requesting not to make it a one-time event, and with the equally enthusiastic overseas poets expecting a follow-up to this event, we have come to the conclusion that it is important to found a supporting body for future international exchange activities.

That's why we establish the Japan Universal Poets Association (JUNPA).


All this is possible thanks to the strong support of Dr. Milan Richter, vice president of The World Congress of Poets (WCP), and Dr. Germain Droogenbroodt, secretary general of the congress, as well as to the leadership of Mr. Arima Takashi, president of the Kyoto Poets Association. Furthermore Ms. Mizusaki Noriko is also to be thanked for maintaining a wide international network of poets.


2. Purposes of the Establishment


We are founding this association for those interested in supporting on a voluntarily base overseas activities of Japanese poets and activities of overseas poets in Japan. Such activities include recitations, workshops, and contributions to international poetry festivals.

Another important tool in our search for cultural exchange through poetry is the international poetry journal / website "Poetic Bridge: AMA-HASHI (天橋) www.ama-hashi.com


In this journal we want to collect a wide variety of poems from all over the world, accompanied by a translation into Japanese or English.

More than anything we hope that these activities will bring together people from different parts of the world, young and old, established and new talents, poets and other artists (musicians, painters, calligraphers, video-artists,....) and will give local people in Japan and abroad the opportunity to appreciate poetry they otherwise wouldn't have access to.


It is hard work for a few volunteers to translate this philosophy into reality and it costs to organise a conference or to issue a poetry journal. Founding this association will make it possible to apply for financial aid programs in order to fund events and translation activities. It will facilitate us to invite celebrated poets to Japan by covering for example their accommodation expenses.

The events we organise stimulate the local economy, and this would in turn open up the road for sponsorship and the interest of mass media.


Surely we will encounter a variety of difficulties, but it is important to take action now lest this chance go away. Therefore we would like to start with a modest organization and gradually expand. When our activities begin to flow, we can attract more people, valuable for our association.

We sincerely appreciate your support. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us.


3. Organizational Structure


Chair of Directors Board  Mariko Sumikura

Members of Directors Board

Arima Takashi, Uemura Taeko, Mariko Sumikura (Chair), Inoue Tetsuji


Contact to: editors@ama-hashi.com










日本では東日本大震災、政権交代、相次ぐ自然災害・・・、世界では国際紛争、相次ぐテロ事件、難民問題、ブレグジット、米大統領選 ・・。統合から拡散へと軸を失う国際社会にあり、詩人は言葉で対峙できるのか。言葉の力で、立ち向かえるのか。どのような言葉を未来に残し、光を見出してゆくのか。今、問われていると思います。






Japan Universal Poets Association 5 Anniversary International Poetry Festival

Greetings from Organizing Committee


 Japan Universal Poets Association established on April 1, 2011, so we have anniversary events in this fiscal year 2016. We have founded the first cultural organization to promote the art basis on contemporary poetry. Our ultimate purpose is understanding and communicating of universal poets contributing their poems and appreciating to cross over the nation, languages, political surroundings. The “Poetic Bridge-Ama-Hashi” is connecting Eastern-Western poets in sympathy.


 In this 5 years, Japan and the world faced various crisis. In Japan, the Great East Japan Earthquake, the party in power and our of power, continuing natural disaster...  In the world, fighting, terrorism, refugee problem, Brexit, The Election of US President, and so on.


 In the international society which loses an axis from integration to diffusion, how could us, contemporary poets, face to it with words? Could we confront with the power of poetry? What kind of light can we leave for the future and find the light from the presence, that would be requested to us.


Still we are in cataclysm of the information like SNS, also artificial Intelligence are surpassing over human development, in these surroundings , we, contemporary poets would like to trust a possibility immortality of words, wishing the renaissance of the humanity together with world poets.


 The “Ama-Hashi”, which appears in Manyoshu, the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry, is a bridge that reaches heaven. In Greek mythology, Uranos, god of the sky was an ancestor of the Greek gods. Yes, it seems one can trace an aspiration of mind towards heaven both at the root of the Occidental and the Oriental culture.


 We, all members of JUNPA, cerebrate 5 anniversary with world readers and colleagues, above all , we express special thanks to today’s guest and people supporting us from the foundation.


 We, at this fifth anniversary, protest that we step forward with strong decision and good aspiration making a progress to fair future. We will span the bridge to the heaven with the soul of poetry.

 At this stage, our special thanks for supporting organizations, financial supporters, participants, and audiences and their understanding our activities to unifying universal poets with the soul of poet. We wish everyone to support JUNPA in the future.



                Chair, JUNPA 5 anniversary poetry festival

                                            Taeko Uemura



1 設立の経緯


 2010年12月9日に京都市国際交流会館にて「響き合う東西詩人―ポエトリーリーディング in Kyoto」を開催したところ、ゲスト詩人2名(1名はビザの取得不能で来日できず)、日本詩人22名の参加を得、成功裡に実施することができました。また来日はできないものの誌上参加(代読で朗読)の海外詩人も3名ありました。




 これもひとえに世界詩人会議副議長ミラン・リヒター氏、同事務局長ジャーメイン・ドルーゲンブロート氏の強いバックアップと、京都詩人の会代表の有馬 敲氏のリーダーシップによるものであります。そして水崎野里子氏のご実績が語られますように幅広い世界詩人との人脈が土台にございます。








2 設立趣旨











理事会  有馬敲









  事務局  editors@ama-hashi.com



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